Final Post… It’s been good

Well we are down to the final post which is something of relief, but at the same time I learned a lot in this class and wouldn’t mind coming back next semester. As you know this is not my intention as the price of classes have gone since the good ol’ days. Although I will not be in your class I do plan on talking about doing a few more interviews in the spring to ready myself for the all important spring career fair.

I understand that I got most of what I needed to say out during our final class but I can not stress it enough that you are one of the best teachers I’ve encountered since my arrival Stout my freshman year. Throughout the entire semester there was never that thought before I was going to class like oh shit this is gonna really suck. The only reason I had any frustration with my Monday and Wednesday classes was because following writing I had an -oh shit this is really gonna suck class- for two hours.

The thing that I think the entire class agreed on was that you had earned our respect. Very few teachers truly earn all of their students respect, many tend to get a few of them on board while the rest sit trying to block out everything the teacher has to say. Aside from all this you were teaching your first semester. To come to a new school and adapt to new faces and curriculum is something that takes a certain amount of drive. Needless to say you were very enthusiastic about teaching and leveling with students slowly building a great foundation as a teacher to have for any writing class. Thanks again and I’ll be sending an email come spring.


Free Post #2

My second free post will be on the journey. This can consist of almost anything such as life, driving any distance, or something as simple as getting through the day. One specific time that really made me realize what the journey is was in my early teens. It was just after Christmas dinner on the eve and my dad and I were sitting in the living room near the Christmas tree fully loaded with all of the presents. It was silent for a little while as just stared at the presents when my dad said that this was his favorite part. For a moment I was thinking what do you mean? Then when I had turned to see what he was looking at there was nothing there but presents. Then it all hit me. Those moments before I receive the gifts is when I am most thrilled about the idea of Christmas and family. It’s that ultimate content feeling when things just couldn’t get any better. At this moment I am full literally on food and metaphorically on life. There are almost never any problems that matter on Christmas and no jobs that anyone needs to go do. Life is care free even for my parents. After this Christmas I began to look at all of the fun things I do in this manner. For instance when my friends from high school and I drive out to Colorado to go snowboarding once a year it is the most excited I could ever be with those guys. Although that drive is about at shitty as they come the whole way out there I am happy as a clam because my mind is racing with the thoughts of what is to come. I run over every scenario in my head of what will happen when we get there. It’s great to finally realize what a substantial role the journey plays as a whole in life. In concurrence with friends and family I haven’t had kids yet or gotten married myself, but I can imagine the journey is epic.


Free Post #1

The first free blog/post I am doing is going to be on extreme sports and why I do them. The first reason is very simple being that I am only 21 still. All things considered this is probably the best shape I will achieve, so my question is why not utilize what you have. Whenever I see someone in a wheelchair or limping heavily when walking all I can think is thank God I don’t let my legs go to waste. My favorite phrase is that it would be better to break a bone than to never have tried at all. People say we only use around 10-25% of our brains, well that sucks but the good news you have the choice to use way more with your body. Now I am not saying go out and throw yourself off of a cliff because clearly the risk factor would be insanly high. There needs to be some sort of calculation and a little practice never hurt anyone. The rush one can recieve from this is too perfect. Some might argue that I am then addicted to snowboarding if I feel such a high and require it so much. I would probably agree to certain point, but I would immediatly let them know that I could being heroin or another hard drug of choice. So if this is my way of getting high, so be it! There are too many great aspects of the world’s landscape that I get to view from the mountains that I go to snowboard on. I wouldn’t trade it for anything at this stage in my life. If a job was starting needed me to quite I would probably give a version of this argument on a smaller scale only because I am yet to hear of anyone needing to quit skiing or snowboarding for work.

Post Online Persona Project

Online Persona Reflection

Doing this project was really quite necessary at this point in my life. On the balance
board of being a kid and adult I “think” I am further towards the edge of adult
now days with no sign of reversing. This being said I had to critique and go
over my on online persona on facebook and pick out things that are not very
professional and put emphasis on the things that are. This sounded easy to do
at first, but my perspective of partying or a bad picture is a little different
than that of a CEO of a corporation.

To kick the project off I began making a new online persona page for future career purposes. Using
only a few pictures that directly show who I am and what I am currently doing
along with what I am trying pursue in the coming years. Through this I began my
understanding of what is acceptable and what is needed when trying to tell
people about myself in a slightly more formal manner. Personally I enjoyed
putting the page together and writing down things that I have done in life besides
party with my friends. And now I am not saying all I do is party all the time,
there are plenty of pictures on facebook that display an active more serious
end to my life. You can’t take pictures of someone working on a roof with a 12
pitch, hence my lack of work photos.

This aside I think doing the whole thing really showed me how I look from the outside in on the internet. Having
to tell myself that something needs to be different is an easy thing to do but
a whole other thing to follow through on and complete. It’s going to take some
doing but I think I can manage and straighten things out properly.

Online Persona

Online Persona

            When thinking about what I want my online persona to be like the first thought that
rings out is me. I don’t want the reader to think that my online persona they
are looking at is not on par with who I am in the flesh. Leading people along
with things that are not really what I am about or do is not how I would ever
want to project myself.

This brings me to my first and favorite topic, pictures. As everyone knows when you make a
profile of any sort online chances are that you are going to put pictures in it
identifying a face with all of the information given. With this picture comes
great decision making such as which picture is publicly acceptable or which one
do I look the best in? Something that I have had a problem with since the start
of myspace or facebook is the way some people post pictures of themselves
flexing or trying way too hard to look their best in every picture. Sure have a
few on the beach showing a little skin or dressed up for an important event to
dazzle the viewer, but take it easy on the selfies. Although these pictures can
be a deterrent they are not the only ones. Taking pictures of excessive
partying is of course a no no. I try to keep it minimal, there will be some
partying because I do some weekends but I won’t have a bottle of whisky tipped
back in any pictures.

In the end I suppose I just want my online persona to be straight forward with enough
information to get the person interested in what I am doing without being bored
or annoyed with me before they have even met me in person.

Chapter 7 Reflection

Chapter 7 Reflection

            This chapter went over a lot about email which makes sense because everyone that is involved
with business of any sort probably uses a computer for some of their work. Taking
a look as time progresses this will only become more prevalent in work places

I enjoyed the 3rd section the most on what to put on a subject line for an email.
Since I can remember my first email the subject line always takes a little bit
of thought. The reason this is so important is because the reader on the other
end is going to see that subject before they see the body of the email. When sending
an email to prospective employer you don’t want them to see the wrong word or
words in the subject line to scare them away or give the wrong impression. If
one is currently in the position, sending important information can be easily
overlooked, according to the book if not given the right details.

Another portion of the chapter that really caught my eye was the blogging in business
today. Steaming from what we are doing in class right now this interested me.
What the book brings up seems to be a lot like quick advertising and in the end
I suppose that is the idea for a business. They hit on four bullets that in
essence describe exactly what it may take in order to get the point across in a


Online Persona

Online Persona

            The internet over the last few has taken over some people’s lives destroying and creating
opportunities in some cases. The PDF we were assigned to read about online
personas and what can go wrong if not taken care of was ridiculous. There were
points made that support the idea of keeping the children’s eyes clean of the
wrong, but there were also insane accusations made.

When the teacher is accused of displaying a bad self-image on to the kids, well it’s a
little much. She is an adult over 21 with a pirate hat on at what looks like a
party having a drink. The only thing that should have been an issue with this
whole ordeal was whether or not her performance with the kids was unimpressive.
Not until later in the accusation do the administration point out that her
teaching ability with the kids was poor. There is a fine line between
suspending someone from pursuing a career and completely destroying any
opportunity of ever getting the chance to show what she really can do.

The rest of the stories are up there but not quite the same. The track team was clearly
drinking and some of them were reportedly underage which as we all know is
against the law. Nevertheless drinking for a track team is not good
advertisement for a school in the first place but college students are going to
party, some may not, but there will always the people that do.

To me it’s sad to see people this concerned with other folks business. We need to focus on
the other aspects of it more such as the health issues that come along with
drinking. As long as I can remember people don’t turn into murderers from being
at a party and having a drink.